The winning Ideas for the Argentine Pavilion and the Antena and Viewpoint Architecture Competitions were awarded. Expo 2023 on the move.

The winning Ideas for the Argentine Pavilion and the Antena and Viewpoint Architecture Competitions were awarded. Expo 2023 on the move.

The awards ceremony for the architectural ideas competitions of the Argentine Pavilion and the Antena and Viewpoint of the Expo 2023 took place last August 14 at the CCK (Kirchner Cultural Centre).

91 works were presented for the Argentine Pavilion and 38 for the Antena and Viewpoint, which translates into more than 1300 participants (professionals and students of the different disciplines of architecture and engineering).

The President of the Central Society of Architects, Architect Eduardo Bekinschtein, opened the event.

In his opening speech, Mr. Bekinschtein highlighted the relevance that such open public international competitions have for the architectural sector, being at the same time a great benefit for the Organiser by bringing high quality ideas for the realization of the works for the venue of the Expo 2023.  He also affirmed that the participating projects are a solid prove of the Argentine talent in these disciplines.

Images of the winning, mentioned and selected projects.


Then the prizes for the Antena and Viewpoint competition were presented. The winners were:

First prize:

Author: Arq. Osvaldo Alvarez Rojas

Second prize:

Authors: Arch. Sinan Günay, Nurhayat Oz

Third award:

Author: Architect Ricardo Caneva

Mentions (no merit order):

–Author: Architect Federico Caneva

–Author: Architect Julián Perez

Selected Projects (no merit order):

–Autors: Arch. Ana Babaya, Javier Vercellone

–Author: Architect Leonardo Losada


Later they handed the diplomas to the winners of the Argentine Pavilion competition. The winners:

First prize:

Authors: Arch. Federico Canavese, Martín Rodriguez Frank and Fernando Vignone.

Second prize:

Authors: Arch. Carlos Busso, Facundo López, Leandro Fucile, Ezequiel Spinelli and Matías Zoppi.

Third award:

Author: Arch. Javier Aleman.

Mentions (no merit order):

–Autors: Arch. María Cristina Carasatorre and Luis Federico Risso.

–Author: Arch. Gustavo Robinsohn.

–Autors: Arch. Jaime Grinberg, Adriana Dwek, Julio Iglesias, Diego Petrate and Pablo Lionti.

Selected Projects (no merit order):

–Autors: Arch. Jerónimo Mariani, María Haydee Perez Maraviglia and Oscar Cañadas.

–Autors: Arch. Daniel Homero Huespe and Ignacio José Imwinkelried.

-Autors: Arch. Alan German Revale and Federico Valverdi.

–Autors: Arch. Valeria Lorena Jaros, Agustín Berzero, Jesús Leache Resano and Fernando Tabuenca Gonzales.

–Author: Arch. Ricardo Cáneva.

–Autors: Arch. Fermín Vazquez, Pedro Baltar, Federico Gillon Kelly, Paula Lestard, Hernán Maldonado Aguiar and Oscar Romero.

–Autors: Arch. Agustín de la Vega, Matías Beccar Varela, Manuela Bresso and Francisco Diaz Perez.

–Autors: Arch. Enrique Carlos Speroni, Gabriel Pablo Martinez and Juan Martín Flores.


The event was closed by the Secretary of Territorial Planning and Public Works Coordination of the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Fernando Alvarez Cellis, who affirmed the illusion he has when he thinks in work together with the architects to make these projects a reality. He also said that is a dream to come true to leave the province a legacy of a large Metropolitan Park of Science and Technology.