The Expo 2023 brand identity design contest has a winner.

The Expo 2023 brand identity design contest has a winner.

The Visual Identity Design Contest for Expo 2023, organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU)  and the Federal Public Media and Content System, announced the only finalist and winner: the Graphic Designer Nicolás Risso, who carried out the project with the collaboration of Graphic Designer Lucas Rossi.

The technical jury was chaired by Carlos Venancio and formed by Alejandro Paul, Alejandro Ros, Laura Varsky, Julio Ferro and Marcelo Gabriele.

The jurors were in charge of the evaluation of the 56 projects presented and highlighted that the selected works did not just think about a brand image but elaborated their process and development.

They also commented that although in similar situations the heart begins to play, in this case there was a high coincidence and consensus from projectual and conceptual points of view. Thanks to that they were able to choose the best option amidst the participants.

“It’s a great satisfaction that the National State has chosen the public university and in particular this faculty, because of its prestige and recognition, as organizer and diffuser of the contest.” said DG. Carlos Venancio, Vice Dean of FADU, during the formal announcement and public presentation of the new graphic image of Expo 2023.

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