The 2018 Youth Olympic Games covers the entire city

The 2018 Youth Olympic Games covers the entire city

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In the road to the Expo 2023, major events such as Youth Olympic Games 2018 take place in the City of Buenos Aires. It is a historic event for Argentina beacause it is the first organized entirely by a state entity. Buenos Aires is the setting for a global event followed by hundreds of thousands people on the streets and millions through televisions and social networks.

The official ceremony of Buenos Aires 2018 took place on Saturday October 6 at the Obelisco. It was a celebration of sport, diversity and gender equality in an unprecedented opening for modern Olympic history that replaced the traditional stadiums to raise its curtain in the heart of the Argentine capital.

The entire organization of the Games was designed according to the social, urban and sporting legacy left for the development of the South of the City and all the residents of Buenos Aires.

The works were carried out within the framework of the Master Development Plan of the Commune 8 (Villa Lugano, Villa Riachuelo and Villa Soldati) and Law No. 5,235 sanctioned by the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires. Both legal tools frame public policy to favor the economic development of the area, improve the quality of life of residents and promote the establishment of new families.

The international competition will last for 12 days and will be attended by 4,000 athletes. The athletes of the 206 countries in competition join hundreds of members of the Olympic family who visit the Argentine capital to attend and enjoy the Games.

Tecnópolis- future venue of Expo 2023 Argentina Buenos Aires- is one of the 4 venues where the Olympic Games are held. There it will compete in Badminton, Table Tennis, Futsal, Beach Handball, Archery and Sport Shooting.

More information about the event here.

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