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Argentina was chosen as the venue for the 2023 World Expo, winningwith 62 votes to Poland, which had 56 votes, and to the United States, which won 25 votes in the first round, during the meeting in Paris of the BIE Executive Committee ( Bureau International the Expositions), of which the chancellor, Jorge Faurie, and the holder of the Federal System of Public Media, Hernán Lombardi participated.

Buenos Aires Expo 2023 will be the first of its kind in Latin America, it will focus on the creative industries as a synthesis of science, art, and technology and is expected to receive some 9 million visitors during its three-month duration, from 15 January to April 15, 2023. The place chosen for the Expo will be Tecnópolis, in Vicente López, where it will occupy 25 hectares and will have five pavilions: International, National, Thematic, Corporate and Good practices; three audiences; and support sectors with gastronomy, access controls, and open spaces.

“We are very happy, this is a great achievement for Argentina, I just spoke with Mauricio (Macri) and Marcos (Peña) about how to host the Expo is part of the strategy of reintegration in the world that our country has,” he said. to Télam Minister Lombardi. Regarding the reasons why Argentina was selected over its competitors, Lombardi highlighted the choice of topic, the creative industries in digital convergence. “It was a great challenge to find an issue that would appeal to all countries, both large and small, and to continue on the agenda in 2023.

We believe that the creativity of the human being, powered by technology, will be a great tool within 8 years old, “Lombardi explained.

The fact that Argentina was the first country in Latin America to organize one of these exhibitions was, for the minister, another of the arguments that founded the election: “It is almost the first time that an expo is made in the Southern Hemisphere. He had made one in Australia but it was very small. ” “It is very important to highlight that this was a joint effort with the entire national cabinet and the 20 provinces that supported the project, which is an achievement of all,” the minister highlighted.

After today’s confirmation, a national and international architecture competition will be called for the design of the Exhibition. “The objective is for the show to be accompanied by investment, interventions, and contents that will leave urban landmarks of social, environmental and cultural relevance for the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires,” member of the Media System.

In addition to the property, it is planned to add adjacent functional spaces: a pedestrian bridge over General Paz Avenue, offices, warehouses, an Eco Hotel / Forum with 100 rooms, a parking lot for 3,500 vehicles, housing for participating visitors and a water mirror.

The Specialized or International Exhibitions are mega-events of international scope, similar to the Olympic Games or a World Cup. Organized in different countries every five years, they last for three months and receive millions of visits from around the world. The first exhibition of this kind took place in London in 1851 and was followed by other cities such as the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1889, which left the iconic Eiffel Tower as a legacy.

One of the objectives of the candidacy “Argentina Buenos Aires 2023” was to strengthen an existing structure, which already has 40% of works done and a flow of public guaranteed and leave as a legacy for the next generations: a science, art, and culture park largest in the city and a sustainable urban project that will integrate the citizen spaces. Next to the space assigned to the Expo will be added the 101 hectares that make up the Sarmiento and Mugica parks, on the side of the Federal Capital and another 65 hectares of a property adjacent to Tecnópolis on the province side. Both properties will be connected through a new pedestrian bridge and will form the future Citizen Theme Park of Science, Technology, and Art, a large interjurisdictional park of 198 hectares that will mean the recovery of the most important green spaces in the metropolitan area in its history. It is also expected that infrastructure and services works will be carried out that promote the urban and social revaluation of the impact area of the Expo, both in the province of Buenos Aires and in the City.

Buenos Aires Expo 2023 joins the important international events that will take place in Argentina as the XI Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the 2018 Youth Olympic Games and the G20 Presidency and Summit.

Based in France, the Bureau International des Expositions- BIE- is the Intergovernmental Organization in charge of supervising and regulating all exhibitions in its four types: World Exhibitions, Specialized or International Exhibitions; Horticultural Exhibitions and Triennale di Milano.

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