The Argentine Republic is situated in the southern point of the American continent, and its name refers to its soil’s richness (from Latin, argentum, ‘silver’)

Mapa de América del Sur, con Argentina dividida en zonas.


Argentina borders with Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile con with a borders’ perimeter of 9376 km. The Argentine Antarctica is comprised between meridians 25° and 74° west longitude, to the South of parallel 60° South.

  • The population is 43,416,755 inhabitants.
  • The official language is Spanish.

Argentina is a multicultural country as the result of a varied geography and the mix of multiple ethnic identities giving rise to a large diversity of renowned artistic expressions worldwide: theater, cinema, music, dance, literature, and plastic arts.

Throughout the regions of the country, land products are combined with ancestral customs, traditional recipes, and experts’ creativity, and amateurs’ cooking and wines, giving rise to one of the best wide range of tastes and flavors around the world. The Argentine popular music comprises tango, folklore, and national rock.

Argentina, the perfect destination to experience the wonders of traveling.

Breathtaking contrasts, and diversity you immediately fall in love with are reflected throughout its six touristic regions:

  1. Cuyo
  2. Córdoba
  3. Buenos Aires
  4. Litoral
  5. North
  6. Patagonia


Throughout Argentine regions, from the north to Patagonia, in Cuyo and in the Litoral, in Córdoba hills, and in the City of Buenos Aires (the capital city), UNESCO has distinguished 11 World Heritage Each of them holds their own mysticism and charm. Ischigualasto and Talampaya, Cave of the Hands of Alto Río Pinturas, Manzana and Jesuitic Estates, Guarani Jesuitic Missions, National Park Iguazú, National Park Los Glaciares, Valdés Peninsula, Qhapaq Ñan, Quebrada de Humahuaca, the tango and the characteristic ornamental lines of the city of Buenos Aires.

A world of experiences to discover, the chance to explore and meet with a wide range of places and destinations, to connect with friendly people, and astonishing environments. From north to south, enjoying the intensity and never-ending of loving landscapes making up the country.


Argentina is one of the largest economies in Latin America. The country is experiencing an economic change that promotes sustainable economic development and integration into the global economy.

  • The 3rd largest economy of the region with a GDP of USD 586,000 million (behind Brazil and Mexico).
  • The 2nd highest GDP in terms of PPP (USD 22,600, behind Chile).
  • The 4th country of the region in terms of inhabitants (43 million).
  • The 8th country in the world (2,8 million km2) with 53 % of cultivable land and a big coastline of 4700 km.
  • The 2nd country in Latin America in penetration of mobile phone system, and the third in broadband Internet penetration (World Bank, 2012).
  • The 2nd country with highest connectivity in Latin America (65% of Internet users).
  • Argentina takes pride in its extremely high literacy rate (98%) and a higher life expectancy than the rest of the region (76 years of age).


The country has a wide experience in organizing fairs and exhibitions, and its cultural, scientific, and technological richness is well-known around the globe.

Argentina is ready and in outstanding conditions to be the first host of the region.

Becoming the venue of the Expo will give continuity to a series of big events the country is ready to host, among which the following are coming in the short term:



G20 Summit


Youth Olympic Games


WTO Ministerial Conference 2017


WTTC Global Summit (World Travel and Tourism Council)


8th International Conference of the Spanish Language