We are living in an era
of transformation

Changes happen increasingly fast while offering us new opportunities.
The new economy resides in competing for knowledge and intelligence.

  • Trabajar juntos y de forma integrada nos hace más fuertes.
  • Expo2023 Argentina Buenos Aires invites the world to
    think and share these new challeges.

Creative Industries
in Digital Convergence

  • Promoting vocations and talents
  • Fostering scientific-technical and creative training
  • Spreading socially the advantages, achievements, and potentialities of the creative use of technology

Expo 2023 Argentina Buenos Aires focuses on creative industries

  • Articulating science, art and technology
  • Making profits
  • Building up employment
  • Boosting minds
  • Sharing outcomes
  • Improving life quality
  • Generating sustainable growth


the value of ideas around the globe

The convergence between contents, networks,distribution platforms, and technological applications as well as meeting with creative-based industries and activities are the backbone of the new economy.

Showing the value of the ideas in an economy where minds and brains compete one another is the target.


The country has a wide experience in organizing fairs ans exhibitions, and its cultural, scientific, and technological richness is well-known arouns the globe.

Expo2023 will be the first BIE International Expo in Latin America.

Argentine is a diverse, plural country, where different religions and races not only coexist peacefully, but build together, day after day, a unique country that welcomes visitors from all countries in the world.

3rd Biggest economy in the Region.

43 million inhabitants (4th country in the Region).

Palabras del Presidente MacriPalabras del Presidente Macri

Words from president Macri

(…) The creative industry field, where Argentina has been playing and outstanding role worldwide for many years now, presents us with the challenge to becomes the first Latin American venue for such a remarkable event. The key challenge to deploy in Buenos Aires 2023 is getting adapted to new realities for those leading the twenty-first-century paradigm, taking the change from the industrial era to the digital era by combining technology efficiency with interpersonal warmth, and by focusing human development towards a true digital convergence. (…)

(…) Count on Argentina to host the Expo successfully.

We have a lot to say
and lot to do.

Buenos Aires

Vibrant city

It´s Argentina´s largest urban conglomeration and one of the most populated South American cities. Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, rich in cultural diversity.


Over 10 million tourists visit Buenos Aires yearly.

7th in the World

Venue of International events. 7th place in the world ranking of ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association).

Creative Cities

It is part of the Creatives Cities Network (UNESCO).


Expo 2023 Argentina focuses on the creative industries as a theme for its development, as so many events in the world. Find out about the upcomings looking at our calendar.

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